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22-25 September 2020
Digital Edition

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Insight on Innovation

Julian Tan, Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esport, Formula 1, in his conversation, More than a Race. An Innovative Mindset., with Sky Sports’ Rachel Brookes, says “We had to move very quickly to develop something innovative and scalable. Gaming and esports have enabled us to unlock as a sport and offer new insights to our fans."

Insight on Monetisation

"Esports can be part of a brand's sponsorship portfolio; I feel brands should think more about esports holistically" - YouGov's Nicole Pike shares tips and data, with CSM Sport & Entertainment's Lisa Jenkins.

Insight on Audiences

"We moved very quickly to get up and running and we had the advantage to offer fans and new fans great entertainment during a tough time" - says NBA 2K League's Matt Arden about being forced to move events online from offline during lockdown. 

Insight on Investments

"We've seen growth halt in the esports space. We may be looking at a longer period of pain" - Remer Rietkerk of Newzoo details Covid-19's immediate effect on esports... but also gives reasons to be optimistic in the longer term.

Insight on Education

"We're trying to shift the way training is done to focus on the player as a whole and not just the performance itself," says Landon Gorbenko, performance coach for Gscience, on tackling mental health in esports.

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