Esports BAR Miami : the world's business esports event in the esports industry

22-24 September 2020
HYATT Regency Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA

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What is Esports BAR Miami?

The world’s business esports event where top-management executives and non-endemic leaders gather  for 3 days of conference featuring an exclusive 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings, mentoring sessions, round-tables and networking events!

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The world's business esports event

Esports BAR Miami is the world's business esports event where top management esports executives and non-endemic leaders meet to shape esports’ future.

Esports BAR Miami is a unique opportunity to connect with all the world’s esports business tastemakers and non-endemic industry leaders in one place.

Esports BAR Miami provides you with a magic formula of 1-to-1 Matchmaking service, together with a 3-day Forum programme featuring mentoring and insights on how to invest in esports and develop business expertise within the industry

Why come to Esports BAR Miami?

A 3-day unique experience to help you develop an efficient and long-term esports business with peers and non-endemic partners.

The Forum

The Forum is a 3-day esports conference & networking programme designed to help delegates develop their business strategy in esports and grow their expertise.

The Forum offers:
• Mentoring & Business Insight Sessions
• Demo Space & Showcase
• Unparalleled Esports Networking Opportunities

1-to-1 Matchmaking

An exclusive "club" where top esports tastemakers interact with non-endemic top management executives.

The most direct, cost effective & easy way for non-endemic & endemic brands, media, advertising agencies, publishers and esports organisations to forge successful business partnerships within the esports industry.

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