• 22-25 September 2020
  • Online

Conference and Programme

At Esports BAR+ Americas the conferences and sessions will be powered by easylive.io the number one cloud-based production studio for live streaming!

Our outstanding speakers

Malte Barth

Founding General Partner

BITKRAFT Esports Ventures 

Stephy Bau


Init Esports Inc 

Kevin Baxpehler

Managing Partner

Remagine Ventures 

Arnd Benninghoff

EVP Esports & Games


Stephen Bradley

Consulting Managing Director

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ivan Danishevsky


Esports Charts

Robbie Douek



Andre Fluellen

Ex-NFL Player & Founder

Beyond the Game Network LLC

Philip Hübner

Head of Business Development & Strategy

Challengermode AB

Philippe Laurent



Peter Levin

Managing Director 

Griffin Gaming Partners 

Phil Ranta

Chief Operating Officer

Wormhole Labs, Inc. 

Remer Rietkerk

Head of Esports


Adam Salim

Esports Venture Capital & Crowdfunding Mentor 


Karol Severin

Senior Analyst 

MIDiA Research 

Chris Smith


BIG Esports 

Tatiana Tacca

Director of Esports

Momentum Worldwide

Julian Tan

Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports

Formula 1 

Brian Zwerner


Beyond The Game Network

At-a-glance programme

Inspire and be inspired with our various content format. Keynotes, panels and sessions to learn, discuss and gain insights on esports. 

Stay tuned for further announcement!

Our Pillars


Followed by the attention and spending of consumers, especially younger ones, esports presents exciting and potentially unique opportunities to brands, esports companies, leagues, publishers and media.

However, how to make the most out of the esports industry? What are the commercial opportunities that esports have? How are brands monetising their businesses? How can agencies help to activate brand image in the esports industry?


Nowhere has the impact of digital technology been felt more keenly than in the gaming world, where it has dramatically changed how products and services are developed and managed—and how the industry connects with audiences. It’s no different in esports; the industry keeps growing at a fast pace and innovation can drive esports mainstream to make it bigger and better than it already is.

Discover how esports can lead the entertainment industry in terms of innovation.


What are the key factors of investments in esports? How do different regions around the globe address investments in the esports market? Is there a winning model to invest in esports? What are the VCs perspectives?

And since content consumption changed, product adaptations have become necessary. Esports leagues have had to adapt in a way that emphasises their digital-first nature. Why? Typically, competitive video games are played offline in a studio or arena environment. That is where Innovation comes in.


The Esports industry has burst into the mainstream, transforming from a vibrant niche to a central form of entertainment around the world. While esports may have once stood for a subset of sports culture, during the coronavirus crisis esports has filled the void of sports shutdown. And since content consumption has changed, product adaptations have been necessary. So how is esports dealing with the changing habits of audiences?

Welcoming an amazing roster of esports forward-thinkers

Coronavirus has hijacked live tournaments and events.

Instead of monetising businesses, it seems, as the world came to a halt, the streets were empty and we’ve all remained indoors for quite some time.

At the core of a flywheel of change, that represents the greatest opportunity for the esports industry.

Our first online esports conference will present creativity and innovation from leaders of the industry during these changing times.

3 days of insightful yet concrete initiatives that keep the industry growing where most other businesses could not. If you’re looking to discover inspirational stories, new strategies, or level up that deal that is stuck, we have something for you.

While we can’t yet meet face-to-face, you’ll be able to get the most out of the content presented and interact with the companies during Q&A slots. 

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22-25 September 2020
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